Upgrade Your Bathroom With These Small Changes That Make A Lot Of Difference

When we talk about a bathroom upgrade, some persons immediately think of some elaborate activities that will cost a lot of money, take time, and change almost everything in the bathroom space. However, such isn't the case.

Several simple changes can make a lot of difference in your bathroom space, such as repainting your cabinet, adding some decorations, or upgrading your bathroom faucet. 

These changes might sound simple to you, but they can give your bathroom a massive boost and upgrade. Let us explore some of these changes. 


A New Faucet Finish

 If your bathroom still has the standard faucet in silver or gold that home builders install in new houses, then you need to upgrade them soon. Those common faucet finishes are impersonal and often gives your bathroom an outdated look. When considering a bathroom upgrade, the first thing to consider is your faucet finish.

Upgrading your faucet finish to a more stylish and modern design will cause a major turnaround in your bathroom's overall appearance. You have a broad range of options for your faucet finishes, including chrome and brushed nickel. These two finishes are modern and stylish and will add personality to your bathroom space. So, get rid of the outdated silver and gold finishes and explore a more exquisite variety.


Give your Bathroom Cabinets A Do-Over 

Your bathroom cabinets are a focal point in your bathroom that impacts its overall look. So while you might not have as many cabinets in your bathroom as you do in your kitchen, the few cupboards, cabinets, and drawers under your sink will make the biggest impact if your repaint and refinish them.

You can repaint your cabinets into a new color that flatters your bathroom and suits your style. Always ensure to use moisture-resistant paint because the steam from your shower will cause non-moisture-resistant paints to warp and peel off.


A Cabinet Hardware Replacement Works 

Sometimes, replacing your cabinet hardware can create a massive improvement in your bathroom space, whether or not you paint the rest of the cabinet.

If you have cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, or keyholes that are outdated and lack the modern style, replacing them will do you a world of good. Do away with the gold finishes and crystal-topped knobs, and replace them with more modern finishes with sleeker, contemporary designs.  

If you can combine a hardware replacement and a cabinet painting, the massive impact and turnaround it will give to your bathroom space will surprise you. Talk about small investments that make huge impacts.


Wash Or Paint Your Bathroom Grout

If you notice that your grout is no longer the sparkling white color it used to be and is slowly becoming brownish, dull, and dirty, a cleaning is in order. While a discolored grout might be easy to ignore, its negative effect on your entire bathroom space is too obvious to turn a blind eye to. 

If your grout is discolored, clean it by spreading a paste of baking soda and water over it and leaving the paste to sit for some minutes. Spray some vinegar on the paste-covered grout and scrub the surface with a brush. 

If after scrubbing you are unable to restore the sparkling white color of your grout, then you might consider painting it white or exploring an entirely different color. 

Use a paint product that combines a colorant and sealer and paint the grout using a brush. If you want to take a break from the regular white color, you can use a grey or beige color for your grout to give it a new edge.


Decorate Your Bathroom

Your bathroom needs some love too, and it can look drab and boring if it lacks any form of decorations. 

Spend half the time and effort you spent fixing up your other rooms in touching up your bathroom so that it blends with the rest of the house and doesn't look neglected. 

Observe your bathroom and identify some places where you can fit in a few decorative elements to liven and beautify the space. A few vases decorating a shelf or a piece of artwork can amplify your bathroom and give the small space a more modern appearance.

Plants are also great for bathrooms, as many plants do well in moist environments like your bathroom. Find out the best plants for your bathroom and give them a place in your space. Interestingly, plants don't just add a sense of beauty to your bathroom. They can also help to freshen the air and prevent your bathroom from smelling damp and dank.


Take A Step Further 

Since we are on the topic of upgrading your bathroom and have mentioned how important it is to upgrade the finish on your faucet, you must explore a world of modern faucet options that will positively upgrade your entire bathroom.

At Highend Vanity, we have an incredible variety of faucets and finishes that is becoming the bane of every modern bathroom. You can consider the traditional spigot with knobs on both sides. You can also explore our free-standing faucet that dispenses water like a waterfall, with a long, lean shape that gives your sink and vanity a stylish makeover. 

The way the water from the free-standing faucet cascades and touches your hand creates an exceptionally luxurious experience. This faucet blends perfectly into your kitchen as well, with a beauty and functionality that is unrivaled. A more convenient addition to this faucet is a spray hose that comes in handy when you need it. 

We hope that you have seen how possible and incredibly fulfilling it is to upgrade your bathroom without a budget that runs into thousands of dollars. Explore some of these tips for your next upgrade, and thank us later!