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Contemporary Design Style Ideas For Updating Your Bathroom

By Paul Momo November 03, 2020 0 comments

When decorating their homes, many homeowners opt for contemporary designs and styles because they are trendy, modern, and attractive. However, while they incorporate these designs in their living areas, the bathroom is often ignored and remains out of style. 

Due to the bathroom's nature that requires minimal decoration with little or no furniture, many people have a hard time creating a contemporary design in their bathrooms. If this is your reality, you can give your bathroom a 360 degrees turnaround and incorporate a contemporary design in your bathroom with these tips.

Less Color Is Better  

When styling your bathroom after a contemporary design, you don't need much color. White on white is the perfect color for contemporary styles, so you need to purchase colorless fixtures and materials for your bathroom.

Get a white bathtub, white vanity, and a mostly white tile. However, you can allow some touches of colors other than white. For instance, tile and granite with specks of other colors can add a unique look and feel to a contemporary bathroom.  

Tiny veins of light colors also look great with the contemporary style as it can make your small bathroom space look larger and trendier. 

Simple Is Sweet 

The bane of contemporary style is minimalism, so your bathroom style should be simple and sweet. Make your bathroom remodeling simple with a simple vanity, a plain curtain without prints, and some floating shelves with few decorations. 

From your faucet to bathtub, everything should be modern and simple, as expected of contemporary styles.

Your faucet heads and knobs should be sleek, with unframed or simple framed vanity mirrors replacing the elaborate ones. You can go on to upgrade your bathtub's style to complement the overall modern look. 

The best contemporary tub for your bathroom is one with a unique blend of both traditional and contemporary styles. We suggest that you get a free-standing tub in pure white porcelain and simple, clean lines that speak modern and traditional at the same time. This bathtub boasts of an exceptionally high quality that makes it a perfect fit for your remodeling job.

Warm Accents Speak Nature

You would be mistaken to think that contemporary decoration is all drab, white, and grey. 

Contemporary decoration also embraces warm, natural accents to create a unique edge. Natural decorations like driftwood, twig bunches, potted succulents, and even deer antler can adorn your bathroom in little bits. For instance, your floating shelf or cabinet can be made of natural wood finish.

Find a way to add touches of nature in your porcelain-white bathroom for the best effects that are both sleek and beautiful. However, you must avoid adding too many accents because it can make your bathroom look cluttered, which is the exact opposite of the simple and minimalistic look that contemporary design is all about.

Dark Accents And Finishes 

If you are toeing the line of getting warm natural accents to style your bathroom, you must stick to dark, rich wooden finishes. It is crucial to use dark woods because they blend perfectly with your white-on-white bathroom and complement the look.

Dark wood shelves in a bathroom with white flooring or a dark wood bathroom vanity with porcelain white countertops will create a blend and effect that will wow the best of stylists. 

Ensure to keep your finishes black because they create an effect that is beautiful, modern, and sleek.

Contemporary Doesn't Ban Colors 

We have often said that white is the primary color for a contemporary design style, but you don't need to take away the slightest color that isn't white. 

Contemporary style can coexist with some color, as long as it is a cool color, and you will be using just one color to accent the design.

You can choose a color (preferably mint green or soft blue) to paint your walls, get towels of those colors, or get shower curtains with this color. As little as they might seem, these accents and touches will maintain the contemporary style while going a long way to liven up your bathroom's style.

Balance and Style

The five tips we discussed above are most vital for achieving a contemporary bathroom style. The next step is ensuring that you can put them together in a manner that ensures balance, beauty, and style. 

No matter how many accents you want to infuse, remember that simple is the charm, and your entire design must speak simplicity. Avoid excessive colors and unnecessary additions that take away the contemporary edge from your design. 

Whatever furnishings and lines you include in your design must not clutter the style. 

Although a few cool colors can blend in with the all-white look of your remodeled bathroom, it is vital to strike a balance and not allow your color preferences to take charge of the design. 

You can decide whether to go for a more white-or-white look and use very few accents with dark wood finishes or add more wood finishes, making your bathroom look less white-washed. Whatever angle you choose to lean towards, the aim is to stick to an overall minimal decoration style. 

In conclusion, the crux of remodeling your bathroom is to feature your most-loved pieces in the best quality and style available. Whether you choose to go with the contemporary design style for your bathroom or some other decoration style, a free-standing bathtub is a luxurious and stylish addition to your modern bathroom. At Highend Vanity, we have the best free-standing tubs to fit your bathroom style and size.

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