Best Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Size

Are you considering purchasing a bathroom vanity or replacing an existing one? You probably have some ideas and thoughts about how you want the vanity to look, and what products will take their place on your countertop. However, there is a lot of considerations to make before going on to purchase your bathroom vanity. 

Your choice of vanity can make or mar your bathroom's overall look and functionality. So, it is important to pay close attention to some factors before choosing the vanity that will adorn your bathroom.

When selecting the right bathroom vanity, size is one of the most important factors to consider because a beautiful vanity with perfect design and finishing will be useless to you if it can't fit into your bathroom or doesn't have enough storage space. Below are 4 tips to guide you in selecting the right bathroom vanity size.  

Your Bathroom Size

Your bathroom size is a primary determinant of the size of vanity you can purchase. If you have a small bathroom, you cannot get a large vanity, no matter how much you love it. Your best option is a narrow vanity with a single sink that fits perfectly into your bathroom without crowding the entire space.

However, a smaller vanity size doesn't equate to a lack of style. You can find beautiful single-sink vanities with three drawers with lots of storage space to place all your hygiene and cosmetic products. 

On the other hand, if you have a larger sized bathroom, you can explore lots of vanity sizes and styles without limitations. However, other features will come into play when making your decision. Let us consider the other features.


Number Of Persons Sharing A Bathroom

One-sink bathrooms are the norm for almost every bathroom, but a double-sink vanity is also a great option, especially if you have two or more persons using the bathroom at the same time. 

If you have multiple children or partners using their bathrooms at a time, a dual sink vanity is more convenient and appropriate because they can carry out their activities like brushing their teeth, shaving, or washing their face, without having to move around each other or face inconveniences. 

Although most persons worry that getting a double sink vanity equals sacrificing some counter space, the extra storage under the countertop makes up for that. Many dual-sink vanities have extra drawers and cabinets to store other products that cannot stay on the countertop. However, if you are big on countertop size, the next tip is vital for you.


Preferred Countertop Size


Some persons are particular about having lots of space on their countertop. If you are one of such persons, a vanity with an extended counter and a single sink is your best option. 

A large centrally-located single-sink vanity comes with extra countertop space at both sides. The extra space comes in handy for beauty kits, hair products, toothpaste and brushes, and other hygiene products you need to lay out on your counter.

In such a case when you have two people sharing a bathroom, each person can have a countertop area at one side without mixing up their products or encroaching on each other's space. They can share a single sink while taking turns.


Storage Needs And Preference 


As important as counter space is, extra storage is crucial for a bathroom vanity because a countertop cannot hold all the items and products that you store in a bathroom. 

Additional things like spare towels, cleaning equipment, extra toilet paper, soap, and sponge, need to fit into your vanity's storage. If you need extra storage space, you should opt for a larger bathroom vanity that contains additional drawers and cabinets for storage. 

However, if your bathroom space doesn't permit a large vanity, you can go with the vanity size that works and create additional storage options like shelves and hanging cabinets that don't take up space. 

A cabinet hung on the wall can house your face and body hygiene products and medicine bottles. A storage shelf placed over your toilet can hold your toilet paper, an extra towel, and cleaning agents.  

Explore as many other storage options as possible that can fit into your bathroom and hold the products that cannot fit into your bathroom vanity. 


Final Thoughts 

Finding the Right vanity starts from knowing the size and style your bathroom can accommodate, with considerations to your need, living condition, and spatial realities.

Once you consider the factors above, you can streamline your options and find it easier to make your final pick. Ensure to also purchase a bathroom vanity that comes with the perfect style to fit your bathroom and the right finish. As we stated earlier, size and beauty are not mutually exclusive. You can have both if you look out for what you want.

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